Bianca Anderson
S3Bianca Anderson
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Hometown Melbourne, Victoria
Occupation Private Investigator

Australian Survivor 2016

Tribes Saanapu
Placement 23/24
Challenges Won 2
Times Exiled 0
Votes Against 5
Days Lasted 4
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Bianca Anderson is a contestant on Australian Survivor (2016)


Bianca has a degree in psychology, a masters in criminology and currently works as a private investigator, and believes she is coming into the show fully prepared. “I am not going in blind. My strategic thinking and abilities will come naturally. My physical capabilities will mean I am an asset.” Her strategy on the island is to make her job sound boring and she plans to say she is just a “paper pusher” to keep her out of the spotlight. However, what her opponents do not know is that she has put hours of research into her game plan, watching all the seasons of US Survivor, taking notes, devising strategies and using positive visualisation. Before becoming a private investigator, Bianca worked across a variety of industries, including a role at the Department of Justice, a job as a doulabirthing attendant and as a bartender. Bianca’s game plan is to sit back and let others do the talking.

She says: “I want to form an alliance within an alliance. My primary one would be with a male [competitor] and I’ll try to stay true to that. I want to use agents [competitors] to make big moves, and initiate votes after I quietly suggest it. I’ll watch sleeping patterns and general observations. Awareness is critical and I need to adapt at a moment’s notice.” A very organised and meticulous person, Bianca has been preparing for months by slowly decreasing her food intake and getting used to eating the same bland food every day. It is the other castaways who could be a concern for her. Bianca says: “I have high standards and expect the same of others. I’m not used to using people or lying so that will be outside my usual parameters of life. On Australian Survivor, my word will be meaningful for as long as it suits my game plan. I will break alliances if necessary.” Bianca likes to keep busy, active and productive with travelling, boxing, dancing and spending time with her partner of 11 years and her “babies”, as she calls her cats.

Australian Survivor

Season 3

I think they are underestimating some of the threats in the tribe, they're just in their bubble of "one big happy family" and that bubble is going to burst

–Bianca (in her final words)

Bianca was assigned on the first day to the blue tribe, Saanapu and immediately began a strong work ethic around camp though she was hiding her true profession; a private investigator, from the rest of the group for fear of being a target and instead claimed to work for an Insurance company. She was seen helping build the shelter and in the first immunity challenge was part of the runners team that helped win immunity.

After reflecting on her tribes success rate, Bianca believed it would be a matter of time before cracks start to appear and highlights the growing relationship of Brooke Jowett and Felicity "Flick" Egginton. Fearing the two could become a threat later on, Bianca started placing seeds of doubt to other members of her tribe and comforted an ailing Peter Fiegehen who felt ready to quit. After losing the second Immunity Challenge, Bianca began campaigning heavily to vote out Flick and attempted to bring in Kylie Evans and Conner Bethune but after a change of heart decided to stick by the needs of the tribe and voted out Peter. When the votes fell, Brooke, Conner, Flick, Matt Tarrant and Sam Webb saw Bianca as a bigger strategic liability and was blindsided in a 5-2-1 decision becoming the second player voted out of Australian Survivor (2016)

In her final words, Bianca criticised her tribes ethic of being "one happy family" and that soon enough they'll start to fall apart.

Voting History

Season 3

Bianca's Voting History
Voted Against
1 Saanapu Tribe Immune
2 Peter Brooke, Conner
Flick, Matt, Sam
Voted Off, Day 4



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