"Season 3, Episode 2"
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Season Australian Survivor (2016)
Episode Number 2
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Season 3, Episode 2 is the second episode of Australian Survivor (2016) which aired August 22, 2016.


Night 2

Returning from Tribal Council where Des Quilty was voted out, the Aganoa tribe reflect on how well Des took his elimination despite his lack of integration in the camp. Kristie Bennett mentions how much of a toll the game of Survivor takes on a person and after her items are missing from where she placed them begins to become passive aggressive and distance herself from her tribe. The tribe, confused by her actions, leave Kristie to calm down but Kristie is insistent that the tribe are after her and she can see that from a mile away.

Days 3 - 5

On Saanapu, Felicity "Flick" Egginton reflects on how well the tribe is doing so far in the game and that she doesn't feel like she's playing Survivor and the fact that nobody is complaining is a bonus. Bianca Anderson attests to the success of the tribe but believes that it is only a matter of time before somebody says something that will fracture the group.
Ep 2 bianca conner
By using her profession as a private investigator, Bianca notices how close Brooke Jowett and Flick are and that they're getting close with Sam Webb and Matt Tarrant fearing that something could build on that closeness hopes to use that against them to create discord down the line. Bianca reaches out to Kylie Evans about the upcoming challenge and who would be the first target, Kylie says she doesn't know as she hasn't given the girls a chance to prove themselves and talk about bringing in Conner Bethune as an additional vote. Brooke and Flick talk about the attitude of Kylie and mention that it wouldn't be a bad idea if she was gone, Peter Fiegehen talks to Bianca about his own personal concerns about him staying due to him not eating or drinking and that he shouldn't be in the game. Bianca attempts to reassure Peter but her attempts fall on deaf ears.

At Aganoa, Kristie continues to feel paranoid after the post-Tribal fallout and is under the belief the entire tribe are aligned and want to target her next. Katherine "Kat" Dumont mentions that Kristie's behaviour is taking a mental toll on her and the tribe need people who are on the top of their game. Elena "El" Rowland identifies that Kristie could have some self esteem issues and tries to make her feel better, Kristie explains that she's wanted to play Survivor and when you want something so badly it can change you. Privately, Kristen believes that she can still win the game. Evan Jones looks on his relationship with Lee Carseldine as his "big ticket item" and sees him as a perfect shield in the game and as Lee is an ex-professional cricketer, his assumption of Lee valuing mateship and loyalty is reason enough for Evan to trust him. Lee feels indifferent about his trust of Evan, who believes is in a five-person alliance with El, Phoebe Timmins and Rohan MacLaren and wants to keep Evan close as they believe he could be distrusting down the road. Evan and Phoebe individually express their dislike of each other despite being supposedly aligned.

Over on Vavau the fire situation has yet to improve, Barry Lea mentions the lack of food, water and being cold all the time and for those reasons alone he knows why the show is called Survivor. Nick Iadanza improvises getting water from palm fronds but it is not enough to get by and at any moment you feel ready to crumble, with the flint they won at the last immunity challenge, the tribe manage to get a flame but dies out much to the frustration of Nick. With their morale low from the failed attempts at fire, Kate Campbell convinces a deflated Nick to try the fire once again and successfully keep their flame and start to enjoy food and water.

Ep 2 aganoa ic 2
As the tribes met for the second Immunity Challenge, Jonathan LaPaglia checks in with Aganoa who despite not having fire after being given flint are confident they can win. Vavau announce they have fire. Vavau and Aganoa win Immunity sending Saanapu to Tribal Council. Back at Saanapu, Conner apologises for his performance in the challenge but is reassured that his efforts were enough. Peter still believes he should leave and wants to tell his tribe, but instead opts to tell the tribe to vote for the biggest liability though Sam has noticed Peter being not his usual self around camp and his desire to not compete at the immunity challenge being a red flag. Kylie and Sam talk about voting Peter and privately, Kylie locks in her vote.
Ep 2 brooke vote
Ep 2 bianca voted out
Bianca pulls Conner aside to vote Flick to break up the presumed alliance of four with Brooke, Matt and Sam though Conner quickly goes to the girls and lets them know of her intentions which gives Flick enough reason to target Bianca and campaigns to flip the vote. Matt weighs up voting out Peter as the heart and soul of the tribe or Bianca who hasn't connected as well as the rest of the tribe have been doing. Kylie attempts to persuade the majority to take Peter out and keep the most deserving as he could leave through medical evacuation or by quitting. Bianca believes the votes are locked whilst Peter still maintains they have a higher chance of winning without him as the tribe sets off to Tribal Council.

As the tribe convene with Jonathan for their Tribal Council, they light their torches and begin proceedings. Conner highlights the Survivor experience and the most difficult aspect has been keeping the fire alive at night and Flick highlights the positivity of the tribe. Brooke and Kylie discuss working at camp with Kylie believing that some like to do the ancilliary work whilst others do the heavy duty (and more beneficial) work though she is hesitant to point anybody out. When asked about why Peter sat out of the challenge, Peter states it's merely down to a loss of apetite and wanting to drink, Brooke and Conner claim responsibility for losing the challenge but Jonathan is surprised that both of them appear to not be worried. When asked if they're on the block, Brooke says that she hopes not and talks about how close her and Flick have been, Bianca says that she's been very aware of their closeness since day one and thinks that there is a potential for them to be a threat down the track. Brooke is caught off guard by Bianca's statement whilst Kylie makes her intentions clear about voting for Peter, somebody she cares deeply about. Sam's criteria for voting somebody out comes down to the person who is the least connected to the others as Bianca believes she isn't safe and unless she has Individual Immunity she'll never feel comfortable. Once the votes were read, Bianca became the second player voted out of the game in a 5-2-1 vote with Peter picking up two votes and Kylie picking up one. Jonathan closes Tribal Council by stating this tribe entered as a happy family but the vote tonight proves that even the closest family have their secrets.



Challenge: Sacrificial Lambs
Two tribe members will be shackled and tethered to a rope while five other tribe members carry them, one at a time through an obstacle course. Once both "lambs" are through, one tribe member will use a war club to release a crate full of sandbags, and use the sandbags to knock wooden blocks off a table. The first two tribes to knock off all their blocks wins.
Winners: Vavau (Fishing spears, fishing net, snorkel and tackle box) and Aganoa (Fishing hooks and line)

Immunity Challenge
Finish Tribe Competitors Sit Outs
Runners Throwers
1st Vavau S3 andrew S3 barry S3 craig S3 jennah-louise S3 nick
Andrew, Barry, Craig, Jennah & Nick
S3 kate S3 tegan
Kate & Tegan
S3 sue
2nd Aganoa S3 evan S3 kat S3 kristie S3 phoebe S3 rohan
Evan, Kat, Kristie, Phoebe & Rohan
S3 el S3 lee
El & Lee
3rd Saanapu S3 bianca S3 flickS3 kylie S3 matt S3 sam
Bianca, Flick, Kylie, Matt & Sam
S3 brooke S3 conner
Brooke & Conner
S3 peter

Tribal Council

Day 5

Tribal Council 2:
S3 bianca
Bianca (5 votes)
S3 brooke S3 conner S3 flick
S3 matt S3 sam
Brooke, Conner, Flick, Matt & Sam
S3 peter
Peter (2 votes)
S3 bianca S3 kylie
Bianca & Kylie
S3 kylie
Kylie (1 vote)
S3 peter
S3 bianca
Bianca Anderson

Voting Confessionals

It's nothing personal, you're an amazing person but unfortunately we need to keep this tribe as strong as possible. I wish you all the best in the future.


I don't know if I'm making the right decision, but I need to keep our tribe strong. I'm sorry.


I'm voting for you because I don't trust you, it's either me or you tonight and I don't wanna go home yet.


Your health is gonna become a liability in this tribe and your health is gonna become a liability for you.


I'm sorry, you just need to work harder around camp and at the challenges. You're just the weakest.


My vote is for you Pete, simply because I know your heart and soul is no longer in this game. I'll miss you, I think we could've worked well together, all the very best.


Bianca, this is based solely on work rate within the camp and the rest of the crew and keeping that positive vibe up and I just felt that you're just lacking it a bit.


This person has significantly more potential to win Australian Survivor than any other member of the tribe, including me.


Final Words

I didn't want to go out of this game just sitting back and relaxing and letting everyone else do the planning and do the controlling. I think they are underestimating some of the threats in the tribe, they're just in their bubble of "one big happy family" and that bubble is going to burst


Still in the Running

Aganoafont Saanapufont Vavaufont
S3 des
S3 el
S3 evan
S3 kat
S3 bianca
S3 brooke
S3 conner
S3 flick
S3 andrew
S3 barry
S3 craig
S3 jennah-louise
S3 kristie
S3 lee
S3 phoebe
S3 rohan
S3 kylie
S3 matt
S3 peter
S3 sam
S3 kate
S3 nick
S3 sue
S3 tegan


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